East of Ireland Walks — on River & Canal, A Walking Guide

By Lenny Antonelli, Collins Press 2015

Available to order here, or in good bookstores.

Like secret highways, Ireland’s rivers and canals wind their way through undiscovered parts of the country that are rich in wildlife, history and folklore. Walking our little-used waterside trails reveals hidden threads of wildness through rural and urban Ireland, rich in flora and fauna, and uncovers remnants of a time when life in Ireland revolved around its waterways rather than roads.

This guide introduces some of the best river and canal trails close to Dublin, from short strolls to long day-hikes, and one multi-day trek. It features deep wooded valleys in Wicklow, the big rivers of the south-east, old canals that criss-cross the midlands and suburban rivers in Dublin. With an eye out for wildlife, the author describes these river and canal trails, while recounting local history and offering practical advice for walkers. Whether you are new to hiking in Ireland or an experienced walker, these new and less-trodden paths will bring you to places of unexpected beauty.